Consignor Information


General Information:

  • The auction doors and trade show will open at 8 a.m. each morning.
  • Arrive early and sign-up for a free bidder's card.
  • The admission to the trade show is included in your admission to the auction sale.
  • All items (lots) are numbered and displayed so you can inspect them before the auction.
  • You may use the cash from what you sell toward the items you buy through the auction.
  • Bring a truck and trailer big enough to haul your purchased items.
  • Bring extra cash to purchase items through the trade show exhibitors as they offer show specials and you won't have to pay shipping costs.
Terms and Conditions:

  • Each auction requires cash. Unless you use a credit card, there will be a 10% transaction fee.
  • Personal and/or business checks are not accepted.
  • Please come financially prepared to settle your purchases.
How to Sell:

  • We have 30+ years experience, so we will help you lot your items in the most attractive way.
  • Your items will be numbered, displayed in lots and sold.
  • You will receive a check for the sale amount, less the auctioneer's commission.
  • Items you no longer want or use may be just what others need, and they'll be bidding against each other to get them.
  • The auction does the advertising, attracts the crowd and the bidders.
  • These are consignment auctions which means your items are turned over to the auction for sale during the auction.
  • These are not flea markets, private sales or swap meets. It is our goal that everything sells.
  • Study the Auction Commission Schedule thoroughly.
  • When possible, it is to your advantage to group or pool small items together so they are sold as a single "lot" number.
  • The commissions are calculated individually on each lot sold, not the total sales of each consigner.
  • Don't bring junk. Junk and wrecked parts are just a waste of time for everybody.
  • One pallet does not equal one lot.
  • Check the schedule to see when consignments are first accepted.
  • Other than pre-registered prime time and adjacent to prime time lots, those consigning early receive the better selling items.
  • You must call in advance. Once all lots are full, no further consignments will be accepted.
  • All licensed vehicles or trailers consigned to the auction must have clear title on file in the cashier's office.
  • Small or loose parts should be put in an open box and labeled.
  • Items zip-tied to pegboard typically show off a nicer display of your items and sell higher.
  • Have items boxed or organized as you would like to have them sold.
  • Precision parts and assemblies should be wrapped in clear plastic.
  • Heavy items should be brought on rolling stands.
  • Most small and medium sized items will be placed on wooden pallets for display and movement inside the building.

The bottom line is this: Group your items for sale and have them in the best possible condition for buyers. Be prepared and pre-register!

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